Twin Lakes Township

in beautiful northern Minnesota.

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Twin Lakes Township, Carlton County, Minnesota. Our township is full of diversity, from its forests and lakes to its more urban areas. We border Jay Cooke State Park and from here it's just a short drive to the north shore of Lake Superior.

Twin Lakes Township Town Hall Survey - Twin Lakes Township recently acquired land on the Douglas Road, for the purposes of constructing a Town Hall. Twin Lakes Township has long been in need of a Town Hall for a variety of reasons. Currently board meetings, special meetings, and elections are held at a few different locations, requiring the need to work around other entities’ schedules. The township currently has very little storage space, so records and equipment are stored at the Carlton Fire Hall, at county facilities, or at the homes of board members. The township office is housed in the clerk’s home, so having a public building with an office would provide easier access for residents. As the township is in the preliminary planning stages, the town board would like to hear from its residents regarding some aspects of the Town Hall, and has therefore set up an online survey for public input. Answers to these questions will be considered by the town board during the planning process. The online survey can be found at:

Click on this link to see a map showing the location of property where town hall will be located. Property is L-shaped highlighted area on Douglas Road.
Town Hall property map

Funds to construct the town hall have been set aside for many years, and the board does not see any need to increase tax levies to construct the building.

An increase in traffic on Douglas Road is expected to be minimal, and only on rare occasions, such as general election day.

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Lac La Belle in Twin Lakes Township

Lac La Belle, one of the
twin lakes that our township
is named for.