A Brief History

Twin Lakes Township officially became a municipal corporation in the year 1881, but its history as an entity began long before that date.

In 1850, a certain bill became law in the United States Congress. This bill allocated funds for the construction of a "military road" in the Minnesota Territory, extending from Point Douglas (where the St. Croix River met the Mississippi) to Lake Superior. By 1855, the road was crossing Carlton County in a diagonal line, and eventually passed between two lakes - Lac La Belle and Lac du Chane.

These two lakes became known as "twin lakes", and this location became the site of a building which was an inn for stage coach travelers, and also a trading post and general store.

This spot was also the county seat of Carlton County from 1857 to 1870.

Eventually the railroad came into the area, but the rail lines did not follow the roads that
were in place at the time. When the railroad was built north of the twin lakes area, the centers of population moved into those areas.

Much of Twin Lakes Township remains rural in nature, with beautiful lakes and streams, forests, and farms.

Parts of the township are more densely populated, and businesses thrive along the State Highway 210 corridor.

Information for this brief history was derived from two sources:

"Crossroads in Time,
A History of Carlton County, Minnesota"
by Francis M. Carroll

and "Scott House Souvenirs"
by James Sheetz and Marlene Wisuri.